Market Watch

Summarising our journey of 4 years in Stock Market

23 September 2017 - 07:54 PM

It was roller coaster ride since we started our journey in October-2013. Our clients have put their patience and trust and therefore rewarded with huge profits.

Some of our stocks have performed tremendously well.  

                                                                   List of scrips
S.No.        Scrips                            Recommended Price                  Current Price          Return
1         KEC International                          32                                   320                         1000%
2         MPS                                                 182                                   600                          230%
3         JBM Auto                                       140                                   600                          330%
4          Ramco Cement                           170                                   720                          320%


The list goes on .........


We always believe in good valuation,future prospects of the company and Most Important we believe in PATIENCE. Patience is the asset to ripe good profits.

Hope we continue to to select good profitable stocks and therefore rewarding our clients with good profits in future.

Till the Enjoy and Join Grow Your Money.